Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Flija, a traditional kosovar dish (flija, një gjellë tradicionale kosovare)

                                                                     How to make Flija
                  'Basically it is layers upon layers of buttery, flaky goodness make in a giant round pan'
First you make a big ball of butter mixture like you would make pancakes(warm water, flour and salt to taste). Then on another ball make a mixture of yogurt, good quality butter and double cream . Then you start with a big oven tray, by warming it up in the oven, with a tiny bit of oil on it.
You start dropping pancakes all over the tray, put it back in the high heat oven. When it is cooked enough to eat take it out and spread the yogurt mixture all over the scattered pancakes, then another layer of pancakes on top of the yogurt mixture and then off it goes in the oven again to be cooked and then once it is cooked again take it out, another layer of yogurt mixture goes on top of the butter mixture, cook it and carry on until the oven tray is full of yummy yogurt pancakes you repeat this until it is nice and thick...

Believe me it is the best dish ever, you should all try it; to know what I really mean...
How nice to be able to be Kosovar and be able to taste food as yummy as this.

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